Introducing The Chausie Cat


F4 Bat Masterson - Chausie Male Marechal Cattery

F4 Chausie Kitten - Marechal Cattery

The Chausie is a hybrid cat created by using the Jungle Cat. The Chausie is a loving, high energy cat with a never ending curiosity that will keep you entertained for hours. The male Chausie will be larger in size than the female and both will have long legs and a lean muscular body. Sleek in stature, their movements are very cougar like and they will amaze you with their ability to jump to high locations (like the top of your doors) with grace and noiseless ease.

History of the Chausie Breed
Chausie cats were first bred as hybrids of the Jungle Cat in the 1960's. Registration status was granted in The International Cat Association in 1995 and the Chausie has since been granted the Advanced New Breed status. Visit the Chausie Breed Committee website for additional information on Chausie Cats and their history.

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F4 Chausie Kitten Marechal Cattery


F4 Chausie Male Marechal Cattery

About Marechal Cattery
We are a domestic "hybrid" cattery specializing in the Chausie, Bengal, Safari and Savannah domestic breeds. In Chausies we are currently breeding the F2 - SBT generations of Chausie Cats. At this time we are breeding generations that will be able to be shown in championship status in TICA primarily (F4 SBT and beyond) but we do have F2 and F3 litters once a year.

Shipping is available on Delta airlines for approx. $230 - $290

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F5 Belle Star - Chausie Female

F2 Male Grizzled Kitten - Marechal Cattery

Member of:

  • The International Cat Association:  TICA Cattery Number 14319
  • International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance Registered Cattery
  • American Cat Fanciers Association Cattery Number 21171
  • Signer of the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program and the Breeder Code of Ethics
  • Feline Conservation Federation Registered Exotic Cat Handler

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